Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paisley & Leighton

New pics of Pais and Leighton on my photog blog. I'm too lazy to post in both places :) So to see more go here There...Done...Finally updated my family blog!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Paisley's Easter and birthday pics

Taking pictures of my own child has turned out to be the biggest challenge! You'd think that with what I do I would have tons of pictures of Paisley.....but nope! She knows what I am trying to do and wants nothing to do with it. And it always ends with tears. She did a little bit better with this shoot. This time it started out with tears and ended with a few smiles and at least a few glances. But if any of you saw the rediculous shananigans I was pulling out to get her attention.......You might think twice about claiming me as an aquaintance. :) I must say I looked pretty rediculous! Whatever it takes, right?!


My amazing talented cousin made this birthday cake for Paisley's birthday pics and I love it! Thanks Heidi! Paisley loved this cake too. She kept calling it her big cupcake. Getting a picture of her with it was so hard because she just wanted to hug and kiss it the whole time. Heaven forbid she turns her head and smiles for even half a second!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Paisley turns 2!

My baby girl turned two last week! I can't even believe it. How do they go so quickly from being a baby to a toddler! She is already 2 going on 16. She is miss independent and has to do everything on her own. The most common thing out of her mouth is, "Paisley do it!" And lately she has been telling me, "Paisley need dat!" I'm in trouble when she's older!
We had a little birthday party for her last week. And we are so luck to have such amazing family and friends that came over to spoil her. She is loved and lucky to have all of you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So proud!

These are some pictures that my mom and dad were given of my brother Cody in Afghanistan. Are they intense or what? I have to admit that at first glance my stomach kind of fell to the floor to see my brother armed like this and in that setting. But that feeling was quickly replaced with pride. I am so proud to have a brother who is brave enough to fight for our country.
We miss him so much!!


Something else to be proud of...... This little cutie is potty trained! She still has an accident here and there but is over all doing so well with the potty thing. I LOVE this little stinker to pieces!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Christmas post in February?

Yep that's right! I am just now getting around to posting pictures from Christmas. I had good intentions of posting them so much earlier......But nope!

We had a great Christmas this year. I loved that Paisley was old enough to open the presents and have fun with it. This was also the last chance we had to spend time with my brother Cody before he had to leave for Afghanistan. :( So we got lots & lots of family time in.

I just had to throw this picture of Shane on there :) We had the funnest Christmas Eve Party mostly thanks to him! I chose not to posT the one of me and Hailey trying to join in with the heel stretches. Let's just say that my BROTHER now has a better heel stretch than me.....Man I'm getting old!

And yes....My mom still get's us all matching pajams!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I actually took some pictures of my own child and it was so much fun. If the poor thing looks a little beaten up it's because she has a major cold and pink eye! But her mean mom made her get her pictures taken anyway. She really was a trooper. And I photoshoped out as much of the pink eye as I coulde.
When I asked her if she wanted me to take her pictures she ran to the floor, posed, and said, "cheese mile." She must have seen me pose other kids like that. But it completey caught me off guard and I missed it. I didn't even have my camera turned on yet. I just love this little cutie pie!

Paisley-Christmas 228 copy

Paisley-Christmas 223 copyPaisley-Christmas 051 copy

These tears are because I whiped the goobers out of her eyes. Which of course made the goobers worse




She was doing so good so I decided to take some of her in a couple other outfits. But I should have done her Christmas dress first because she pooped out shortly after that. So after the pink eye clears up I will have to get some of the Christmas dress.
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