Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Mya

My new niece Mya has finally arrived! Isn't she adorable?! I had so so so much fun taking her pictures. I just couldn't wait to give Becca a little peak. It's just a peak though. There are many more to come :) Enjoy Becca! I'm so glad you got your girl!!
mya-jace 164-70-vint-web
mya-jace 172-vint-web
mya-jace 246-web
mya-jace 115-copy-web
mya-jace 021-copy-web
mya-jace 205-copy-web


Nicole Stucki said...

Cassie these are sooooo dang cute. You should plan on taking my baby's pictures here in a couple months! I can't wait.

Sheena said...

Way cute! You are very talented Cassie!

snow family said...

I love the little yellow/tanish hat!! These are adorable Cass! Beautiful babe.

Rigby High School Class of 2001 said...

Mya is beautiful, the onle with her on her elbows is the cutest picture i have ever seen. I did a post about the photography on our class page, thought that might help you out a bit. i didn't put any pictures, if you want me to send some to my email! Good Luck, if I lived in Rigby we would have you do our Halloween pics, it's a great idea!

moma berry said...

such a cute baby and great pictures