Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why did we take this road?

My cousin Traci got married. When it was time to go down to the wedding there was a lot of snow on the ground but it had stopped snowing and blowing. So I got Paisley all dressed up and went to Idaho Falls for the wedding. Lorin met me down there and Paisley and I went with Hailey. After the wedding the wind and the snow picked up and we were driving home in a horrible blizzard! We couldn't see a thing and I was so worried about having Paisley in the car. There were so many people sliding off the highway so we decided to exit and take a side road (even though my mom made us promise that we wouldn't take this side road because it always drifts over). We almost made it to our house and got stuck in a drift. When Hailey opened the door to her jeep the snow was up to her door! Lorin ran down the road to help us and some nice snow machiners went and got a truck to pull us out. From now on we are going to listen to our mom!

We got a little bored waiting for some help so we decided to take some pictures.

The heros!


Katie said...

haha those pics are funny.. you guys are dorks ;) but i totally know how you feel i got stuck not even a half a mile from my house...high centered in the middle of the road! i think it's time to move to texas!