Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby's first Christmas

This was such a fun Christmas for us. Even though Paisley isn't old enough to understand I think she had a blast. She of course loved playing with the wrapping paper and everyone spoiled her! It was so much fun for Lorin and I to have a new member in our little family to share Christmas with.

Christmas Eve

My uncle surprised Lorin with a crown for his present. Lorin kind of figured his present would be a joke so before he opened it he told everyone that my uncle told him he had to share whatever was in it with him. So he kind of got him back. Lorin wore it with pride.

Paisley got a tickle me Elmo for Christmas. She was a little scared of it at first but she is slowly warming up to it. It still startles her when he sits up.

Christmas day
This is Paisley with her new pony from Grandma and Grandpa Jones. This pony is so cute. It talks and sings a song. Paisley has figured out that if she bounces it makes it rock. She loves it!

Lorin and I bought paisley a cute little stroller to help her learn how to walk. I thought it would take her a while to figure it out but she is walking all over the place with it.

Paisley was having fun watching her dad and cousins play Indiana Jones

Paisley got a kick out of this singing Alvin the chipmunk doll.

Staring at her cousin Nea. Can you tell that she likes her?

A couple of days after Christmas me, Tasha, Rachael, Stephanie, and Jocelyn met up for lunch. It was so fun to catch up with everyone! Sarah was in Cali for Christmas so she wasn't there. We missed you Sarah!


tiff snedaker said...

Paisley is always decked out in the cutest stuff! Glad you had a good Christmas!

Mike & Traci said...

What a nice christmas for Paisley. and i have to agree w/ Tiff! She is always decked out in the cutest stuff so...if no one else has claimed them I want all your baby girl stuff when we have a girl...someday ;)

Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Womack Family said...

What a fun Christmas. Paisley is a doll! Hey I was wondering if you by chance have Tami Taylors address. Not Joce's mom's but Chelsie's mom. That would really be great if you could find it for me. Thanks Cassie


Amanda said...

What a fun Christmas!1 I love Paisleys face when she looks at Elmo and Lorin looks like a pretty princess! We will be here so let me know and I would love to watch Paisley as long as you'll let me!! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I am so mad that I missed getting all together. YOu are all so cute!! Dang maybe next year we will have to get together. Stephanie looks really good. Has she started a blog at all?

Josh and Amber said...

Looks like Paisley had a great christmas! How fun!

Katie said...

haha i'm glad too! you did a good job cassie ;) we'll have to see if he invites me on not i guess :). those pics of paisley are so cute! tell lorin that crown looks very pretty on him haha

snow family said...

It was fun to hang out for a few days!! I really wish we were closer.... Someday....


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