Thursday, October 8, 2009

More of Mya I know that this is probably way too many pictures to post. But what can I say? She's my niece and I think she is so adorable!
mya-jace 057-BWweb
mya-jace 082-BW2web
mya-jace 084-BW2web
mya-jace 086-copyweb
mya-jace 046-BW2web
mya-jace 002-copyweb
mya-jace 021-BW2web
mya-jace 036-copyweb
mya-jace 053-BWweb
mya-jace 068-copyweb
mya-jace 120-copyweb
mya-jace 130 copyweb
mya-jace 155-vintweb
mya-jace 203 copyweb
mya-jace 208 copyweb
mya-jace 237 -vintweb
mya-jace 237 -vintweb
mya-jace 164-70-vint-web


tiff snedaker said...

Cassie, those are beautiful! You do such an amazing job :) Would you mind e-mailing me your pricing? I'd love to have you do our pictures next time we get up to Idaho!

snedfam(at)gmail(dot)com is my e-mail

Jill said...

THOSE are great! You really have IT down! :)

Natasha Ireland said...

These are stunning.... love them. how much do you charge? I might need to travel to Idaho to have you take some for me.

Sarah said...

So cute! They turned out awesome.

Natasha Ireland said...

Hey Cassie, yes that is a friend of mine that took our pics but I will need more once Layla is here and a lil bigger so thanks for letting me know. As far as the blog button for Claire and Benson you need to just click right on the pic and save the image so you can pull that in later. Then go to the dashboard section of your blog (new post) and go into LAYOUT, then ADD A GADGET, Then ADD A PICTURE and that is where you will add the link and the picture. good luck , hope that makes sense and works for you :)