Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th

I was so excited to see how Paisley would react to the parade and fireworks this year. Well she loved the parade because of all the "horsies" but HATED the fireworks! She cried for about the first ten minutes of them trying as hard as she could to get me to get her away from them. Then........she fell asleep and slept through the rest! I thought the fireworks were amazing and we had an awesome spot. but Pais was NOT a fan!
wedding 414

wedding 383
wedding 384
After the parade we went over to the Mickelsen's and all of the kids played on the slip n' slide. Paisley wasn't a fan of that either.
wedding 433
Staring at the slip n slide hoping that daddy doesn't try to take her down it again.
wedding 431


Tasha said...

The fireworks were AMAZING!!! Thanks for the hook up on the spot! I love that last picture!!

snow family said...

What a cute little picture at the end!! Cute girl and cute family. Could I say cute one more time?? I'm excited to see the pictures you took too!!! I'm sure they'll be sooo cute :)

reisnersest03 said...

I love Paisley's suit! It looks like you guys had tons of fun!

Camille said...

Darling pics- could that girl be any cuter?

Anonymous said...

I cant even tell you how cute the one of her in with her arms up in the middle of the road is. That really makes me miss her! Wish i could have been there. love you guys!

Kate and Cole said...

Yay! Her hair fits into a pigtail! She is so cute.