Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family reunion

This past weekend was our family reunion. This is one of my favorite parts of the summer. Every year we go camping at Warm River. It is the perfect spot. Right next to our camp site is a river and it is not even close to warm. We just spend the weekend camping, floating the river, hanging out, and eating(which I think is the best part) We have tons of extended family that goes to this and I really enjoyed hanging out with them all weekend. We have such a fun family!
I was really worried about taking Paisley camping. She is still so young. I was worried that she would get bitten by mosquitoes, get a sun burn, hate the Idaho wind, or not sleep well. She didn't do any of those things. She was so good!

The weekend before the family reunion we were also in Idaho. Lorin and his family went and did some white water rafting. I stayed behind with Paisley because I'm just not ready to leave her for that long yet. I'm way too attached! Lorin said it was a blast and I hope that they do it again next year so I can go. I made him take his camera to snap some pictures but they wouldn't allow them on the boat. :( I spent the day with my mom, Hailey, and Tasha & her girls. We went to Heise swimming. These are some of the pictures from that trip and some random pictures of Paisley that I just couldn't help but share.

I know this is already a long post but I have to add one more thing. Maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much I wouldn't have so many things to post!
Everyone always tells me and my sister Hailey that we look like twins. We are seven years apart! I've never been able to see it until I saw these pictures. Maybe it's the matching outfits that my mom got us for Christmas but when I saw this picture I thought I was Hailey! Love ya sis!

I'm the bigger one. I probably should have been holding her up. Sorry Hai.

Trying to be cute. TRYING is the key word!


snow family said...

Holy pictures!! That was a huge entry... but really cute. Yeah.. you two really do look like twins! :) Those pics of Paisley are darling.. love the swimsuits. It looks like you had tons of fun camping. It reminds me of the fun times we had camping (on the tramp). You look gorgeous though. Talk to ya later.

Natasha Ireland said...

ADORABLE. Her Big Brown eyes are so sweet. Great pics. You all look so fantastic, what a fun trip.

Liza said...

You two are both so darn cute!! I love the matching outfits!! Looks like you guys had loads of fun at the reunion! Paisley is growing up fast and still just as adorable as ever!! :D

Josh and Amber said...

You and Hailey are so cute, and yes you do both look a lot alike! Especially with Hailey growing up!!
I love family reunions! That reunion looked like a lot of fun. And I understand you worrying about camping with your little one. I'm the same way. I really wanna go camping, we just haven't yet this year, when I think about it, I worry about paige. But you made me feel better, looks like you guys had a great time!! And can I just add Paisley is so stinkin cute!!!

Mike & Traci said...

Thanks for the update!! I had been wondering what happened to ya :) Paisley looks so big! I really see a change since the 4th of July! Also I just LOVE your family! It was nice to get a glimpse at Cody & Shane again!! Love the matching outfit pics! If you both weren't so pretty you probably wouldn't look alike :)!!

Tara said...

I must say Paisley is looking more and more like a definate Mickelsen the more I see her! She is so so so cute, and her brown eyes, oh!! Twinner outfits = twinner sisters, that is so crazy!

Our Family said...

Ok that last comment was so wrong... trying to be cute! You would have to roll in the mud, and then try as hard as you could to not be cute! You are such a natural model! Your sister is also another beautiful model beauty queen like yourself!
I love the pictures of your little Paisley! She is getting so big, and is so stink'n pretty! I love that you have a million head bows already also!