Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When I was working at St.Mark's in Salt Lake I took care of a girl that was pregnant with twins. She had to be in the hospital for about two months on bed rest because they kept trying to come too early. I took care of her almost every time that I worked and really grew to love her and her family. The last night I worked she went into labor and we couldn't stop her. She delivered her twins at about 27 weeks along! I will never forget it. They were each only about two pounds! I have always wondered how they were doing and if everything turned out okay. Last week she somehow tracked me down and called me. She wanted to give me some baby cloths that she wasn't able to use. So I got to meet up with her and see the twins. One of them just barely got out of the hospital. They are each around 9 pounds now and finally doing well. That was such a rewarding experience for me and I was so grateful for it. I don't usually get to follow up with my patients. She has been through so much with her twins and I look up to her. What an amazing woman!


Mike & Traci said...

Wow what a neat experience!! I bet you get so many neat experiences working as a nurse w/ all the new mothers & babies!! I think the ultrasound pictures are cool to!! You can tell she is definately going to be a doll :) I was thinking that we should meet up in Salt Lake sometime for dinner. And I also work in Salt lake so if your ever in Salt Lake around lunch time I would love to meet up for lunch! I would love to see ya!!!

Nicole Stucki said...

So Cassie you are almost due! Crazy times. I am so excited for you. The 4D ultrasounds are so cool. I love being able to see them like that. I can't wait to see you all pregnant on Sat.

Josh & Sarah Teare said...

That is a cool exprience. Wish I was with my patients longer than one day sometimes so I could see their progress. I am glad you did a little posting!! Oh sorry I couldn't make it to your baby shower :( I was of course working as usual.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Cassie! It's Lezlee Brenchley! I ran into your blog through Sarah's! I can't believe your pregnant! You look beautiful! It was so fun to see what you are up to!! Anyways just wanted to say hi and hope everything is going well!

Sheena said...

Hey Cassie!
The 3D pics are neat! We missed seeing you in Pocatello. Hope you are feeling good. You don't have much longer. Take care!
It's such a small world--Lezlee was in my nursing class. How do you two know each other?