Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Party

Last weekend me & Lorin, Becca & Justin, and Amanda & Eric had a Christmas party and played Christmas games with all the kids. We had a hot chocolate drinking contest and the kids wrapped Lorin & Becca in wrapping paper. The party ended when the kids knocked down the pinata and starting fighting over all the candy.


Logan and Lisa said...

I hope you guys had a great Christmas. I love the blog.

Sheena said...

Hey Cassie and Lorin! Your blog is cool! I didn't end up getting that traveling job Cassie. It looked good, Nikki said, but then fell through. It looks like you guys had a good Christmas. :)I hope we can see you guys soon.

Camille said...

Hi Cassie (& Lorin)! I was so excited to see a link to your blog- it looks great! Congratulations on the little girl-that is so exciting! Your house is beautiful, and you look great. Fun to catch up with you- it has been a long time. Have a good one!